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Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike (1.0.5) for android games Free Download

Latest Version 1.0.5
By Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike LLC

Three different abilities for the hero

Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike for Android is a great tactical roguelike that will delight you with interesting enemy challenges and atmospheric visuals old-school style that will remind you of iconic game projects of the past. At the very beginning of the game, you will meet your hero and set off to explore the locations of the pixel world in order to destroy opponents. Your character will have three different abilities, each of them is important to pump in order to get better agility, endurance and deal more powerful damage to opponents.

Combating enemies

You can download Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike for free on Android and enjoy the tactical gameplay, the ability to develop your own strategy using character skills and your own logic abilities, to approach different types of enemies and outsmart them, to find the best move for a more powerful attack. Here you can destroy opponents, moving in a straight line, dealing damage to them with a sword, or deftly dodge enemy attacks if you throw your sword out of your hands for a while. You will also be able to jump from one square to another, trying to stun the enemies around, and even accurately throw your sword at the enemy, causing deadly damage. If your hero is unarmed, then your actions will require a little less stamina, which replenishes over time, and you can get your sword back at any time, even while jumping, get rid of it again to save stamina and strike from the air.

Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike File Information

Developer: Undergrave -Tactical Roguelike LLC
Version: 1.0.5
Requirement: 4.1
File size: 90.36 Mb

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