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Ambitious Terraforming Projects on Mars

Terraforming Mars on Android is a digital adaptation of the famous board game with elements of strategies, where you have to lead a corporation and launch your ambitious projects to terraform Mars. Here you have to do a lot of difficult work, such as building structures, building a city, mining and competent use of resources, arranging infrastructure, setting new goals and achieving them. Over time, you will be able to tu the uninhabitable territory of Mars into an ideal place to live, namely, increase the temperature on the planet and the percentage of oxygen, creating oceans and forests, then you can build entire cities and take on other equally ambitious projects.

Building new cities and building infrastructure

You can download Terraforming Mars for free on Android and try to make Mars habitable. In every possible way, competing corporations will interfere with you, carefully trying to slow down your work, for example, as soon as you plant a beautiful and luxurious forest, an asteroid may suddenly fall on it. Here you can play against the computer in offline mode, or challenge real players in multiplayer mode, in which up to five gamers can compete at the same time. This game will please you with ease of leaing, clear rules, the ability to play both offline and online, ample opportunities for creating a livable territory, the spirit of excitement and competition, as well as a comfortable interface.

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