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Latest Version 1.0.57
By Settlement Survival [Patched] LLC

Strategic gameplay

Settlement Survival on Android is a combination of several popular game genres at once, such as strategy, city builder and survival simulator. Here you have to build a small settlement first, and then tu it into a prosperous city, but this will not be so easy. You have to explore locations and wastelands, collect all the necessary resources, complete missions and even fight enemies. You will also place various productions and enterprises, trade resources and ea in-game currency.

Building a prosperous city

You can download Settlement Survival for free on Android and try to build a prosperous city in rather difficult conditions. Various factors will prevent you from leading the city to success, for example, a plague that came from other lands, an aging population, or an unexpected baby boom. You can also choose a promising industry for the development of your city, such as agriculture or construction, mining or trade, and each path will give you its own unique advantages. Most of the income comes from advanced trading, and as you progress through the game, you can get new resources and unique technologies for your use.

Settlement Survival [Patched] File Information

Developer: Settlement Survival [Patched] LLC
Version: 1.0.57
File size: 342.51 Mb

Settlement Survival [Patched] app review

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