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Latest Version 1.1.5g
By [Premium] RPG Isekai Rondo LLC

Interesting skills for characters

[Premium] RPG Isekai Rondo on Androidis a classic tu-based role-playing game, which will be flavored with atmospheric pixel graphics, unforgettable adventures and the ability to join guilds with other players to get better results. A jouey into a parallel universe awaits you, meeting the main character named Sho, a young man who spends all his everyday life at work in an exploitative company in mode Japan. But suddenly, during ordinary everyday life, a situation and an accident occurs, which contributes to the fact that Sho is reincaated in a parallel universe as Shaw.

Unforgettable adventures

You can download [Premium] RPG Isekai Rondo for free on Android and help the main character cope with various difficulties, overcome failures and win victories. Interesting passive skills have been prepared for your hero that are capable of incredible things, for example, they will help your hero change the future, get rid of enemies with lightning speed during tu-based battles, summon spirit helpers, use the skills of opponent monsters, and also retu in time to a certain period. As you pass the tests, you will be able to complete difficult tasks and increase your gaming level, then you will be able to unite in guilds with other players and challenge dangerous dungeons, even other adventurers in this incredible game world. A real battle arena and challenging dungeons await you, where you can find valuable chests generated automatically, confront an entire army of enemies, cope with interesting quests and have fun spending your leisure time.

[Premium] RPG Isekai Rondo File Information

Developer: [Premium] RPG Isekai Rondo LLC
Version: 1.1.5g
File size: 170.03 Mb

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