Mr.Billion: Idle Rich Tycoon [Unlocked] APK

Mr.Billion: Idle Rich Tycoon [Unlocked] (0.8.3) for android games Free Download

Latest Version 0.8.3
By Mr.Billion: Idle Rich Tycoon [Unlocked] LLC

Achieving goals
Mr.Billion: Business Simulator on Android is an exciting life simulator, where you can take control of the main character and help him get out of financial rock bottom, improve all areas of life and make the difficult path from homeless person to a successful millionaire. At the very beginning of the game, your character will have practically no resources, which means you need to make an effort and go all the way to success from scratch. You will make difficult decisions and difficult choices, help the main character achieve success and climb the career ladder, become a participant in grandiose adventures, ea game currency in different ways and achieve high goals.

The path to success
You can download Mr.Billion: Business Simulator for free on Android and take control of the boss hero, help him get an education, find housing, get a job, gain new knowledge and move up the career ladder. Depending on what education you choose, you will be presented with several areas for development to choose from, you will be able to choose a job that suits your character and achieve success. As you progress through the game, you can help the hero say goodbye to poverty and move from the hostel to a cozy apartment, then buy a house and even more varied real estate, be it a luxury villa or your own island. It is important to track all indicators about the hero

Mr.Billion: Idle Rich Tycoon [Unlocked] File Information

Developer: Mr.Billion: Idle Rich Tycoon [Unlocked] LLC
Version: 0.8.3
File size: 108.28 Mb

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