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Latest Version 1.347.001
By Last Fortress Underground LLC

Hard Survival
Interesting strategy game in which you will find yourself in the realities of a real zombie apocalypse and try to survive in these difficult conditions. In Last Fortress: Underground, you will take on the role of commander of a squad of a few survivors, set off to settle in new territory and equip a shelter, obtain materials and resources important for survival, and also repel attacks and attacks by Zombie mutants on your settlement .

Incredible Atmosphere
Perhaps the place you live in is the last safe island in a world enslaved by a zombie virus, therefore, it is important to make every effort to develop it and make it as safe as possible. So, you have to distribute roles for survivors, such as a scientist, medic, engineer and others, thus the heroes will help you in the construction of new buildings, landscaping, creating generators, placing satellite communications and much more. To do this, you will need a lot of resources, so from time to time you will have to go to unsafe zones and try to get everything you need for the camp.

Last Fortress Underground File Information

Developer: Last Fortress Underground LLC
Version: 1.347.001
File size: 1.22 Gb

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