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Escape from the Shadows [Unlocked] (1.0.19) for android games Free Download

Latest Version 1.0.19
By Escape from the Shadows [Unlocked] LLC

Difficult and intricate puzzles

Shadow Escape for Android is the seventh installment in a series of exciting escape puzzles, where you will become part of an interesting story, test your ingenuity and ingenuity in practice, will cope with difficult puzzles and lea the secrets of the game world. According to the plot of the game, a detective named Ren Larsen will perform a rather unusual assignment and mission, namely, he will try to retu a hero named Bastian from the underworld. Bastian Was kidnapped by shadows and taken to another world, and if you do not have time to save him in time, he will forever become a shadow. At the very beginning of the game, you will have only two clues, namely, a hut, the location of which is unknown and a place called Penumbra, about which nothing is known either, based on these data, you will go on an interesting adventure.

An exciting story

You can download Shadow Escape for free on Android and enjoy the gripping storyline, meeting charming characters, as well as heroes from previous games in the series who are waiting for your rescue from the afterlife. Great illustrations, an atmospheric soundtrack, many interesting puzzles prepared for you, additional style challenges to find 10 hidden shadows throughout the game, and so on . You can also access a secret scene, travel to an alteate history of the hidden city, check out additional puzzles, and use helpful hints when you get stuck. Here you can interact with objects and characters, explore the environment, use items from your inventory, combine them with each other and use them to overcome challenges.

Escape from the Shadows [Unlocked] File Information

Developer: Escape from the Shadows [Unlocked] LLC
Version: 1.0.19
File size: 67.04 Mb

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