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DERE Vengeance [No Ads] (4.1) for android apps Free Download

Latest Version 4.1
By DERE Vengeance [No Ads] LLC

A combination of horror and adventure
DERE Vengeance on Android is a classic side-scrolling platformer, elements of action and horror. Here you will find yourself in a rather unusual game world, which will be filled with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, where chaos and horror reign, and you have to survive and cope with various dangers. You will explore locations and move further, destroying formidable enemies and revealing the incredible secrets of this game world. You will find colorful visual design in the style of pixel art, carefully designed game levels, exciting battles and confrontations with bosses that will be a real test of strength. The key feature of the game is a well-developed story with an immersive narrative, flavored with a dystopian environment.

The sinister world of pixel art
You can download DERE Vengeance for free on Android and appreciate the elaborate storyline, colorful pixel art graphics, an atmospheric soundtrack, elements of a paranormal horror game and classic side-scrolling platformer game mechanics. Here you will find an unforgettable adventure filled with battles and supeatural phenomena, where you will undergo a real test of reaction speed and intelligence, and also test your endurance while experiencing fear and horror. As you progress through the game, you will be able to improve the abilities of your hero, acquire new weapons and various useful items, and also develop your own specific play style. DERE Vengeance will also be great entertainment for fans of immersive storytelling, making you feel like a direct participant in what is happening on the screen of your Android device.

DERE Vengeance [No Ads] File Information

Developer: DERE Vengeance [No Ads] LLC
Version: 4.1
File size: 97.91 Mb

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